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Benefits of Veneer Surfacing

February 14, 2020

With enigmatic appeal and exceptional sturdiness, veneers have great usage. Highly contrasting styling is dominating the home decor taste these days. Modern consumers prefer adventuring into combining the old with the new. Here engineered wood veneer has entirely replaced conventional wood. Solid wood is expensive and is often time-consuming to process. For veneers, there is no limit to designs and are suitable for all innovative applications in furniture making, flooring, wall covers, and interior construction.

Let's shed some light on the benefits:

Innovative and authentic Looks: Each wood veneer is unique in its way. Different finishes with unique grain designs have emerged as a surfacing material for doors, wall panels, and furniture. The enormous variety of designs and colours available in euro veneer adds luxurious looks. One can experiment a lot by mixing and matching veneer with a natural wood surface. Veneers are a specially thin slice of wood and can be easily glued to an engineered wooden piece to provide wood-like aesthetics. These sheets are generally polished to impart a light to dark appeal.

Quality enhancement: Wood veneers enhance better utilization of wood. A tree log is used to create few pieces of furniture, while the same tree log gives numerous wood veneer sheets that are utilized as surfacing for many furniture. Apart from aesthetics, wood veneer sheets are applied to weak engineered woods like particleboard to increase its strength. As a natural product, it lasts for a longer period than laminates.

Easy Maintenance: Veneered wood has the flexibility to possess more or less strength than solid wood. Depending on veneered sheets, these are used in different surfacing materials. Wood veneer is easy to maintain and repair in case of damage. For cleaning and polishing, dry cloth and for stains or a mild cleansing agent can be used. As the outer layer of wood veneer is made using real wood, it can be easily refinished and given a new visual look whenever needed.

With veneer wood surfacing, one has the choice. To keep pace with the modern furnishing trend, furniture offers extreme flexibility for incorporating changes as per the needs of people. People are modifying their taste for blended and eclectic pieces of furniture with exotic art and vintage looks.