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Benefits of Veneers

December 24, 2019

Veneer sheets are versatile with finished surface and polished appeal. They possess the aesthetics and value of natural wood with less cost. Veneers are thin slices and can be glued to give a wooden finish and wood-like appearance. From items of furniture like tables, couches, desks, and sideboards most furnishings are made up of veneers. European veneers are one of the best veneers dealers in India. Unique variety with flexibility and exquisite grains and knots, veneer sheets can blend with any environment and surroundings.

Let's take a look at the benefits

Strength and Durability: When it is about decorating your space, Euro veneer sheets come up with increased strength. It is used for top layers and surface areas for its durability. It is also a lot more strong, highly durable and resistant than natural wood. It can also be an option for windows, doors, and panels. High-quality glue and bonding material make sure that it is resistant to several common problems like crack and swelling.

Non- Toxic: Wood veneers are mostly non-toxic. Generally, adhesives and substrates that do not use formaldehyde base are used these days and do not have harmful effects on the health. This glue is used to stick the thin layers of wooden sheets to form several types of veneers and it is safe for the health and environment.

Beauty with Originality: Each veneer is unique and is beautifully textured with grains and knots. Every veneers sheet is unique in nature, pattern, and design. Veneer designs provide a wide array of designs for the interior space. Grain patterns and knots are never the same for two trees. Hence each veneer has an exquisite look and attractive appearance. Dealers often do experiments to bring out the best look out of the veneers' resulting in endless designs.

Eco-friendly: European Veneer sheets are specially made with eco-friendly material that can easily be recycled. After a while, it can be crushed into wood waste and shaped into other structures. Mostly organic resin sare used instead of harmful chemical glue for layering of veneers. Thus creating a sustainable environment.

In most cases when wood cannot be used, veneers are used as the top layer over the base wood. Veneers have great usage and due to its high finish these days veneers are used all over. Due to their enigmatic appeal and exceptional durability veneers are most commonly used for making types of furniture all across the globe.