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Wood Veneers For Your Custom Wooden Door

June 9, 2020

Modern doors are made to stand out and add value to your residence and place of work. They are crafted to provide a stylish outlook and classy performance. Wood Veneer for your modern custom door is an affordable option that beautifies and fits your specifications. The thin layer of woods exhibits the same look as a solid wooden door. There is a wide range of exotic, popular, and printed veneers that will enhance the look of the door.

Benefits of Wood Veneer:
The benefits of Wood Veneer for your custom wooden door are as follows:

Affordability: Wood veneer is attached to the affordable door materials as per the client’s specifications and is cheaper than the solid wooden door.
Lightness: The core of the custom door is made with light-weighted materials which make it very easy for installation and carrying.
Eco-Friendly: Veneer doors are made of thinner sheets of wood in comparison to the solid wooden door. There is the maximum utility of the log as more thin high-quality doors are made out of it.
Versatility: There is a large variety of species for door veneers. There is a variety of cuts available for a wide range of results.
Beauty and Quality: Veneer doors come from the prime source and have the same high defined quality as other doors. It gives the natural look of the wood and benefits of core fibreboards. Wood Veneers should be used for your doors as it is cost-effective, light-weighted, easily available with a gorgeous appearance.

Choosing a Veneer Door:
If you need a durable wood option, whether you want a modern look, luxury, or function, wood veneer doors are what you are looking for. Choosing the perfect veneer door involves choosing the correct cut, match, and the veneer type.

Choosing the correct Veneer type:
Standard Door Veneers: It features popular materials like oak, walnut, ash, bamboo, mahogany, cherry, maple, and birch. Standard veneers are stocked in both unfinished and pre-finished veneers to fit your specifications. For a seamless design, these veneers can match a variety of woods used in furniture and other interior construction.
Special Veneers: It features popular materials like Rosewood, Ebony, Eucalyptus, and Douglas fir.

Choose the Cut:
To help get the best result, the veneer door’s cut takes charge. In a veneer, the cut of the wood determines its grain appearance. Following are the cuts:

Rotary: In rotary cutting, the log rotates against a stationary knife and creates a varied grain pattern.
Plain Sliced: Plain sliced also called flat cut veneer involves moving a log up and down against the knife for straight grains and cathedrals
Quarter: A cut made at a 45-degree angle to the log is a quarter cut and has a straight grain pattern and ribbon stripes.
Rift Cut: Usually for oak, rift cutting produces thin, vertical grains by slicing across the log's medullar rays.

Choose the Match:
Arrangement of your veneer door's pattern can be done in the following matching styles:

​Book Match: Book matching is arranging of thin wood sheets like book pages, in a symmetrical pattern.
Slip match: In a slip match, the wood lays in order without switching the pattern, keeping the joints hidden for straight-grain pieces.
Balance match: Balance-matched veneer doors have a uniform, consistent width of each panel’s leaves and symmetrical appearance.

Choose a natural look or add elegance with a more patterned, textured look to your custom wood doors by enhancing its stylish appearance with wood veneer.