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European Veneers is a name to be reckoned with innovative technologies, decorative veneers and creative solutions. Here presenting a large collection of blogs on symbol of luxury and elegance with infused creativity.

Dated : June 26, 2020Posted by : Admin

Flooring Guide : Laminate Vs Hardwood

Home flooring is one of the most eye-catching design elements for guests visiting homes. Wooden flooring is stylish and has been trending for a while now. The most popular wood flooring options are laminate plank flooring and hardwood. While many old homes with traditional decor have hardwood flooring, new homes have incorporated sleek and durable laminate plank flooring Read More..

Dated : June 17, 2020Posted by : Admin

Solid Oak vs Oak Veneer

Timbers are crafted either as solid woods or as firm and economical veneers. Oak is the most preferred timber for the construction of doors, windows, staircases, etc. Solid Oak is unbeatable in elegance and performance. In case of budget constraints, oak veneers provide the style and serve the purpose. The choice between the two depends on some points of differences.Read More..

Dated : June 09, 2020Posted by : Admin

Wood Veneers For Your Custom Wooden Door

Modern doors are made to stand out and add value to your residence and place of work. They are crafted to provide a stylish outlook and classy performance. Wood Veneer for your modern custom door is an affordable option that beautifies and fits your specifications. The thin layer of woods exhibits the same look as a solid wooden door.Read More..

Dated : May 11, 2020Posted by : Admin

Tips For Choosing Office Furniture

Furniture is a crucial part of a workspace. Choosing office furniture is not an easy task. Any working person spends most of his time in the office, so one should think and invest in furniture those suites the requirements and will last for years. Read More..

Dated : May 05, 2020Posted by : Admin

European Walnut Veneer

Whilst most veneered furniture is finished to a smooth, polished, and luxurious effect for ease of application and look, these are intended for use in the restoration of furniture. In recent times, diversified and opulent ranges of wood veneered furniture have come up with options in daily lifestyle too. Read More..

Dated : April 25, 2020Posted by : Admin

Is Engineered Wood Veneer Same As Natural Wood Veneer

When choosing for home improvements, the natural wood veneer is always preferred and remained the most popular among interior designers, architects, and artisans. The national and international market for engineered wood is also increasing, especially due to some projects call over large surface areas. Read More..

Dated : April 15, 2020Posted by : Admin

Use Wood Veneers For Your Dream Home

To keep up with the ever-changing trends of the interiors one has to constantly upgrade one's taste for interior designs and popular home decor ideas. Read More..

Dated: April 07,2020Posted by: Admin

Plywood Veneer And Its Uses

Plywood sheets are presently popular materials for enhancing home interiors, office interiors and so forth. They offer a natural, yet timeless sophistication along with warmth and luxury. Read More..

Dated: March 11, 2020Posted by: Admin

Plywood - A Deep Insight

The making of furniture has increased moderately, increasing income, investment in real estate, urbanization, and intercontinental influences. An increase in the expansion of the distribution of network and exclusive outlets of plywood manufacturers in some regions has also helped in influencing the market for plywood.Read More..

Dated: March 04, 2020Posted by: Admin

Home Renovation With Timber Veneers

Remodeling the house can bring beauty to your house transforming the appearance and adding a fresh look to it. Wooden furniture is used for several centuries enhancing the best look to space. In modern times multifaceted and elegant veneer sheets impart a holistic look to the design of the space.Read More..

Dated: February 14, 2020Posted by: Admin

Benefits of Veneer Surfacing

With enigmatic appeal and exceptional sturdiness, veneers have great usage. Highly contrasting styling is dominating the home decor taste these days. Modern consumers prefer adventuring into combining the old with the new. Here engineered wood veneer has entirely replaced conventional wood.Read More..

Dated: February 07, 2020Posted by: Admin

How Is Veneered Furniture Better Than Wood Furniture

Veneers as well as real wood furniture create an extraordinary effect and impart special looks to space. Wood veneers are a traditional and structurally significant aspect of furniture-making along with solid wood furniture.Read More..

Dated: January 28, 2020Posted by: Admin

Tips for Bedroom Wardrobe Design

Home decoration not only involves beautifying your space but also includes planning, spacing, floor and ceiling design with customised furniture. All the factors reflect a premium effect to your space.Read More..

Dated: January 22, 2020Posted by: Admin

Metallic Look Veneer is the Latest Trend

Innovative ideas, exclusive inspirations, and trendsetting designs add to the sophisticated and luxurious interior trends this year. Out of all the innovations, metallic inspiration all over the interiors is ruling the season.Read More..

Dated: January 17, 2020Posted by: Admin

Showcase Your Style in Your Living Room

The living room is undoubtedly the most important space in the house, whether its big or small. This is the space where everyone winds down without having worries. A must refresh space of the house where you want to give an aesthetic feel by replacing certain items or re-decorating it fully.Read More..

Dated: January 15, 2020Posted by: Admin

Wood Veneer vs. Laminate

Used for the same purpose, laminates and veneers are a lot different from each other in respect of properties, designs, cost, and availability. The basic difference lies in the material of the finished products.Read More..

Dated: January 09, 2020Posted by: Admin

Choose The Best Decorative Veneers For Interiors

If you are looking for an exotic look for your interior space, veneers can extensively serve your purpose. The sole objective of decorative veneers is to exhibit a fabulous and elegant look to the inner space.Read More..

Dated: January 04, 2020Posted by: Admin

Guidelines to choose Plywood

For selecting the right material for your commercial space or home interior, good quality plywood with specifications matching to the needs is required.Read More..

Dated: December 31, 2019Posted by: Admin

Solid Wood Vs. Wood Veneers

Is solid wood better than wood veneers? The most customary question asked by everyone. For choosing furniture for your space you need to decide upon the material that is to be used in pieces. Furniture are made of several types of materials like laminates, wood, veneers and more.Read More..

Dated: December 24, 2019Posted by: Admin

Benefits of Veneers

Veneer sheets are versatile with finished surface and polished appeal. They possess the aesthetics and value of natural wood with less cost. Veneers are thin slices and can be glued to give a wooden finish and wood-like appearance.Read More..

Dated: December 18, 2019Posted by: Admin

Top 5 Interior Design Trends To Lookout

There are many things to consider to transform your abode into awe-inspiring beauty. Home is a place of fulfilling your well being, moods, and decorating it with the essence of a vibrant lifestyle.Read More..

Dated: December 5, 2019Posted by: Admin

Increase the beauty of your interiors with natural veneers

When it comes to decorating your house, various elements influence the appearance of the interiors. Choosing something for your interiors should be attractive and appealing having a direct reflection on your aesthetic style.Read More..