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European Walnut Veneer

May 5, 2020

Whilst most veneered furniture is finished to a smooth, polished, and luxurious effect for ease of application and look, these are intended for use in the restoration of furniture. In recent times, diversified and opulent ranges of wood veneered furniture have come up with options in daily lifestyle too. All are very different in appearance and usage as well, each with their distinctive properties.

Walnut wood can be dated back to7000 B.C and is the oldest tree known to mankind. Wood veneer made from a real European walnut log is mostly used for interiors like paneling, walls, cabinetry, and various furniture objects. The walnut trees are found throughout the continent of Western Europe and even as far as China. European walnut veneer color ranges from grayish brown to a dark brown texture. There are some rare cases when darker black or brown tinge contrast streaks appear. Other colors are also seen in recent times, such as yellowish orange to light reddish-brown. The location where the trees are grown, along with the type of climate and soil, determines the actual color of the wood.

Wood veneers sheets are manufactured with extremely thin sheets of wood and applied onto the furniture pieces generally to the outermost flat surface. Grain and knot patterns are designed and fitted in such a way that it gets matched with the tone of the furniture. Geometric patterns and rare designs of grains and knots are available in this type of veneer. With the help of the latest technology, uses non-toxic adhesives used to glue the veneer sheets is generally eco-friendly.

For a well-established user of the veneered sheet, restoration project, remodeling space or decorating interiors are likely to be an easy task. European walnut is part of the wider walnut tree family. One may find wavy grain in different styles, and with different colored knots. The shades of European walnut hugely vary depending on where the tree grows. Italian walnut is usually darker whereas, grayish French Walnut veneer tends to display a more strong yet prominent figure and contrast streaks. The elegant and luxurious wood veneer produced from the European walnut is an extremely satisfying material to use. Although the price may vary sometimes its beauty and appearance are well worth it.