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How Is Veneered Furniture Better Than Wood Furniture

February 7, 2020

Veneers as well as real wood furniture create an extraordinary effect and impart special looks to space. Wood veneers are a traditional and structurally significant aspect of furniture-making along with solid wood furniture. Thinking of renovating your house or incorporating any furniture into your space, veneered furniture should always be the first choice. With veneers, high-end furniture is made establishing endurance and longevity.

History of veneer

The origin of veneer can be dated back to the Egyptian age. Manufacturing slice of thin veneers of ebony and ivory were the oldest. During the period of Renaissance, detailed designs of exotic wooden veneers form intricate marquetry scenes. In the 19th century, expensive woods such as mahogany and walnut were glued to less expensive wood furniture to bring out an exclusive piece of art. Veneers within themselves have the quality of hardwood and produce real wood like furniture. Many times people mistakenly consider veneered furniture as solid furniture. Wood Veneers instill the impression of a more desired quality wood without being costly. In most cases, a thin layer of real wood is applied to a plywood base and termed as used in making kitchen cabinets, walls, floorings and more. With durability and consistency, veneered furniture also imparts natural beauty and variations.

Characteristics of wood

For rich appearance, wood is the most popular material used for making furniture. Solid wood furniture is easy to repair as completely made from natural wood. Different types of furniture come with various sets of characteristics like colour, density, grain, and finishing. Wooden artwork and furniture are generally hard and are often used for structural purposes. A lot of modern houses decorate with furnishings that are made from glass, steel or copper, but the exclusiveness of the wooden items is beyond excellence. Wooden furnishings also easily blend another furnishing in the house. They add an opulent and classical appearance to the in the house. Every wooden log used in different furnishing makes designs look different and unique. Moreover, woods have grains in them that grow out to bring new designs.

Choosing the right material for your furniture

While the finest furniture can be expensive, both the kinds of wood and wood veneers, have pros and cons and it is absolutely up to one's personal preference. The appearance of grains and knots on veneers come up exactly as it remains on wooden artwork and hence becomes difficult to distinguish between the two. A veneer is nowadays beautiful, environmentally friendly and can produce new designs. If you are searching for an outstanding and extravagant piece for your space both, veneer and solid wood have their exclusive properties creating masterpieces. As it is an investment for a lifetime, look for durability, all-natural aesthetic, awestruck appeal and minimal maintenance.