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Metallic Look Veneer is the Latest Trend

January 22, 2020

Innovative ideas, exclusive inspirations, and trendsetting designs add to the sophisticated and luxurious interior trends this year. Out of all the innovations, metallic inspiration all over the interiors is ruling the season. Copper hues, brass tone, warm gold or glamourous silver all have uniqueness within each design. Incorporating metallic hues in the kitchen, furnishing, and even on walls creates an authentic and warm look to the interiors. Metallic look veneers being the trendsetter pairs perfectly with the slick, modern as well as vintage looks of the interiors. Well-known dealers are presently working on decorative veneers to give an extraordinary metallic look to the veneers.

Few trends that you will adore to checkout:

Brass tone: Although we have described the copper tone look of veneers, brass finish also has a timeless appeal. Shiny metal like brass is an absolute classy tone to compliment the space. Every design nowadays has more or less brass tinge which goes very well with other textures of the interior. Brass palette often goes well with shades of blue forming a new separate trend of interior design. These types of veneers are growing considerably in the market.

Mix and Match Metallic Veneers: Mix and match of metal-colored veneers is a difficult task and for quite some time it has been the icon in the interior industry. Colour scheme has always been closely related to metal hues. While choosing metallic veneers, a shade of bold color with subtle colour is considered to be a piece of beauty. Modern look always opts for a different style that can possible through mix and match of metallic veneers with a smooth finish. Apart from veneers metallic mix and match can be incorporated in artworks

Art of Making Decorative Veneers

Designed for easy application, decorative wood veneers are made from sliced logs with intrinsic patterns. Each having a different appearance with unique grain patterns, the process involves peeling, drying, cutting, gluing and applying the unique metal coat. To impart a metallic finish the coating is made up of recycled metal, like bronze, copper, nickel silver and more. Many a time instead of liquid coating, liquid metals are cold sprayed. After coating sealing with nano coating or lacquer is done to prevent tarnishing.

Usage of Metallic Veneers

Highly finished metallic veneers are preferably used interiors like furniture, doors, walls, kitchen cabinets, residential projects, hotel projects, offices, surfacing and resurfacing. Flexible veneer sheets are used as wallpapers and on floorings. Due to the appearance of metallic veneers, they are used in exquisite luxury artworks. Ranging from natural-looking veneers, with authentic natural knots, high gloss veneers, and metallic veneers, processes have reached the next level of advancement.

With innovations and technology, numerous designs and textured veneers are manufactured. Veneers are preferred more than laminates due to their durability, looks and they cannot be replicated. Partial wood finish veneers are also a trendsetter of 2020 along with metallic look veneers. Along with the implementation of metallic veneers putting accessories of the same or contrasting style is also important for beautifying the inner space.