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Plywood Veneer And Its Uses

April 7, 2020

Plywood sheets are presently popular materials for enhancing home interiors, office interiors and so forth. They offer a natural, yet timeless sophistication along with warmth and luxury. Since plywood is widely used, engineered plywood veneers are emerging as the most preferred alternatives due to their durability and lower cost. These are ubiquitous in this contemporary world and have become a relatively contemporary material.

Earlier plywood veneer was used as an extremely precious surfacing material and considered as a valued material. Depending on the species of wood used from the log, the grain of each layer in veneered plywood is unique. When compared to solid wood, plywood possesses the additional quality of durability that solid wood provides. While solid wood furniture is susceptible to contraction and expansion, the layers of veneered plywood keep the furniture stronger and less prone to cracking. They are mostly used on doors, cabinets, floors and as panels on different parts of furniture. From tables to couches, kitchen cabinets, sideboards, most of the furniture is made from either board of plywood, or veneered plywood or particleboard.

Plywood veneer is made of different layers of wood often termed as veneers which are glued together. It has multiple uses in our daily life and almost everything around us is made of veneered plywood. Plywood simply is becoming indispensable and will continue becoming more useful in all wood-related building and furnishing operations in the future as well. Therefore, it is useful and important to gain information about different types of plywood and their applications in various fields. Several main types of plywood are categorized on a different basis such as type of wood they are made of, the real purposes, its sustainability. They are mainly:

  • Softwood Plywood
  • Hardwood Plywood
  • Decorative Plywood
  • Flexible Plywood
  • Marine Plywood
Veneered plywood is for everlasting impression, luxury and finesse. It imparts a sense that your furniture is genuine wood. Veneered plywood is functional and yet attractive and provides resilience to the piece of art. Keeping all the aspects and trends together we need to keep in mind about the functionality of the plywood that we are buying. It should be better because of quality criteria, customer satisfaction, warranty and guarantee. According to the studies and research, people consider its an one-time investment and give emphasis on the looks and comfort, therefore they go for veneered plywood first and that’s fair enough.