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Solid Wood Vs. Wood Veneers

December 31, 2019

Is solid wood better than wood veneers? The most customary question asked by everyone. For choosing furniture for your space you need to decide upon the material that is to be used in pieces. Furniture are made of several types of materials like laminates, wood, veneers and more. All of these have advantages and disadvantages and studying those one has to decide which furniture material is best for your space.

Read on to know the differences:

Durability: One prime reason for choosing a wood veneer is its durability. It is durable, stylish, and affordable at the same time. Wood veneers are made with technology to withstand any damage. Whereas solid wood is beautiful but the wood expands with temperature difference. Veneered ply is more stable and less likely to war whereas real wood is often more attractive and can be easily refinished. High-quality veneer has a solid core and the furniture made from it such as legs, posts, doors or cabinet fronts will be highly strong with multi-grain texture..

Variety: Since veneers are made from trees and each tree has a unique texture, each veneer has an exotic design with grains and knots. Excellent craftsmanship results in classic and elegant designs with matched curves which are not always possible in solid wood. But solid wood comes with a great variety of finished options and has a decorating potential for every kind of space. Veneers, on the other hand, provides a realistic wood finish with the same richness.

Weight factor: Wood veneers are generally thinly made from a single piece of wood and are hence lightweight. Whereas solid wood furniture is stable but heavy and a lot harder. If planning for office furniture veneers are best since they can be moved frequently due to its lightweight texture. Rearranging and placing furniture in commercial space cannot be fulfilled with solid wood. Veneered ply is easily maintained than solid wood and also have a touch of sophistication in their looks.

Eco Friendly: Wood veneers are eco-friendly these days since a very small amount of wood is used in it. Whereas solid wood is a renewable resource and making of furniture are a great concern these days. Moreover, veneers are cheaper than solid wood resulting in an outstanding contemporary look. Organic resins are used instead of harmful chemical glue for layering of veneers, creating a sustainable environment.

Furniture is an investment in a long-term relationship where budget plays the most crucial role. Both solid kinds of wood, as well as wood veneers, have pros and cons and it is absolutely up to the personal preference. It is also quite common among people to use furniture made out of both the materials. Although understanding the factors affecting the quality of the furniture is essential in making a sensible purchase.